Full Range of Our ViPrint/ViSpec Products

We highly recommend contacting our sales team to discuss your requirement and obtain swatches of the full range of embosses and colours available. Most combinations are possible.

Our standard offering is available from 0.28mm to 2.00mm, in widths from 500mm to 1400mm and lengths from 700 to 3200mm. There may be some restrictions depending on the finish. All polypropylene products are supplied corona treated for excellent print adhesion. All sheets are easily recycled and can be supplied suitable for food contact and for use in toy applications

Each range denotes aspects such as a special emboss, colour range, effect, opacity. We highly recommend speaking to a customer service representative to obtain swatches of the full range Stationery Communications Signage Labels Promotional
ViPrint Bicolor   EN
ViPrint Bispace   EN
ViPrint Color G02/ECO/ECO+ EN · FR
ViPrint Cord   EN
ViPrint Cosmos   EN
ViPrint Diagonal   EN
ViPrint Eclipse   EN · FR
ViSpec EcoProP           EN
ViPrint Elegance/EleganceECO   EN · FR
ViPrint Inter           EN · FR
ViPrint Label RGD/LabelECO         EN · DE
ViPrint Label STD/LabelECO         EN · DE
ViPrint Lagoon   EN
ViPrint Metal   EN
ViPrint Mirror   EN
ViPrint Pastel EN · FR
ViPrint Pure Glass/Pure Glass Ultimate       EN FR
ViPrint Reflet   EN
ViPrint RL EN
ViPrint RL Garden           EN
ViPrint Starwhite · StarwhiteECO50   EN · FR
ViPrint Sorbet EN · FR
ViPrint Thin EN
ViPrint Tonic   EN · FR