AXIPACK is a leading producer of thin-gauge printable thermoplastic sheets and rolls

Based in the north of France.

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We are specialised in a variety of high-quality semi-finished products, mainly for the graphic arts industries, such as stationery, promotional communication, signage, labels and promotional packaging.

Our product range is designed to meet with the requirements of these industries (printability, thickness, innovative aesthetics and textures). We also have a growing range of technical products, for a diversity of industrial applications. We sell our products throughout Europe and beyond, with a high export rate to a growing customer base.

Axipack is a wholly owned subsidiary of epsotech, Europe’s leading supplier of engineered polymer sheets.


In 2019 our company was awarded the first European MORE label which highlights our action for the closed loop economy and the integration of recycled plastics in production. The renewal in 2020 of the MORE label recognizes and reinforces our commitments to reduce the environmental footprint linked to the manufacture of our products by promoting the long-term use of recycled raw materials.

Our environmental commitment is now! Discover our new range ViPrint ColorECO – ViPrint LabelECO
Recycled and recyclable polypropylene sheets! Contact us

AXIPACK offers a unique factory Stock Service in Europe for its ViPrint™ PP range:

  • 46 references available from stock
  • 2 standard offers - by Packet or Pallet
  • Double-sided corona treated sheets for your application
  • Factory departure within 24 hours from order placement, throughout Europe

To see our latest Stock Service catalogue please click here or contact

+ 33 3 21 61 66 65

Axipack launches Starwhite and completes its range for POS and display markets!

It is THE ideal solution for your applications such as display, poster, banners for hanging signs, roll up banner! (Samples available on request)

Latest offers – ViPrint Pastel G02 : Softness of colours

Discover our new range ViPrint Pastel, opaque polypropylene sheet available in 8 colours, with front and back uniform pastel colours.


Based in the north of France in Ruitz, in the Hauts-de-France region, AXIPACK is a leading supplier in the specialist field of graphic arts and other industrial applications.

Each year we supply over 600 customers worldwide with materials for an unlimited number of applications in a wide range of finishes, textures and colours.

Service and quality are at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated sales and customer service team is highly experienced, and we cover a wide range of languages so we can talk to you directly about your requirements.

Unlike some inferior imports to the EU, our quality polypropylene formulations ensure the highest standard of material for the most demanding applications in promotion and print applications.

Polypropylene offers the following features over alternative polymers:

  1. Competitive pricing vs. other polymer substrates
  2. Lower weight (-40% vs. PVC and -30% vs. PET). More sheets for your money!
  3. Environmentally friendly and widely recycled – major advantages over cardboard and PVC
  4. The widest range of colours and embosses
  5. Easy to print and process

Marketplaces and applications tailored to meet the most demanding needs


notebook covers, binders, folders


promotional supports, point of sales


Two sided printed posters, banners, indoor and outdoor signs


plant tags and labels, cards

Promotional packaging


Non-graphic arts

diverse applications

Our products

are manufactured from speciality grades of high-quality polyolefin materials – making them easily recyclable.

Adapting the formulation with different blends, additives, colours and embossings allows us to achieve the exact look, feel, flexibility and performance you need for your end product.

We can adapt

our material to be totally transparent or completely opaque; naturally translucent in practically any colour – solid colour, metallic, pearlescent – quite rigid or very flexible – we have a formulation and finish to match every requirement.

Another great advantage of our formulations is the simplicity and long life of die-cut and folded parts. When creased and folded, polypropylene is an ideal material for a living hinge without additional components – displaying extreme fatigue resistance, meaning that it could withstand hundreds of thousands of folding cycles.

We produce

all our sheet material to exacting standards of flatness and dimensional tolerances. We understand all our customers’ processes and ensure that we deliver the quality you expect. These possibilities are what make our products so versatile – from file binders to lampshades and supermarket signs!



Notebook covers, files and presentation folders Surface and quality developed for high-speed printing
Widest range of colours and surface finishes
Easy to process – cutting, folding and gluing
Easily printed – high definition
Cases, portfolios and protective covers
File systems and separators
Educational games



Promotional displays

Surface and quality developed for high speed printing (UV digital, traditional and UV screen, UV offset)

Widest range of colours and suface finishesEasy to process – cutting, folding and gluing

Easy to print – high definition

More than 50 references of PP sheets available from stock with next day dispatch to most of Europe 

 Promotional cases
 Promotional stationery
 Table sets
Business cards


2 sides printed posters

Fully opaque sheets & anti-reflect clear sheets                                                                

Widest range of colours and finishes

Easy to print. More durable than cardboard

More than 50 references of PP sheet available from stock with next day dispatch to most of Europe 

Indoor and outdoor signs
Anti-reflect windows for frame protection


Horticulture labels and tags

Standard or rigid qualities

Various embossings and surface treatments including primer

Excellent opacity

Reduced dimensional tolerances



Cosmetic boxes

Widest range of transparent and translucent PP

Easy to print and process

Soft touch

Durable compared to cardboard

Lightweight vs. PVC and PET 

Underwear boxes
Luxury beverage boxes
Fashion accessory boxes




Wide range of colours, textures, effects

Easy to process – cutting, folding and gluing

Multiple fabrication techniques

Table mats
Electronic insulators
Layer pads
Protective mats
Building, ecological, drainage applications
Root barriers

extensive knowledge

Axipack’s extensive knowledge of its markets and processes allows it to provide its customers with one of the widest ranges of speciality polypropylene solutions, adapted for each market segment and developed through constant technical and design innovation.

In addition to its comprehensive product offering, Axipack ensures an optimal and recognised quality rate, closely monitored by its in-house quality department.

The company has achieved and maintains ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Its European-scale manufacturing plant and stock platform provides record lead times – a key success factor, especially on the graphic arts markets. More than 50 common reference products are constantly available from stock with next-day dispatch to most of Europe.

innovation, development and diversification

Axipack has a long history of development and diversification, with a growing portfolio of non-graphic arts applications.

Thanks to our network of experts and specialists we are able to leverage a large R&D team to support product development. Our production lines are specially configured to produce very flat thin sheets with good dimensional tolerances, which lends them well to alternative engineering applications.

We have several projects in development to make more use of the trims and recyclate from other industries. This helps to further promote polypropylene as an easily recycled product and a more sustainable alternative to PVC.

Product Development
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